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Yes, Hostgator Optimized WordPress Cloud Technology according to experts is Sleek, Simple and Secure. But we give you some Unknown Hot Facts. This technology is designed for WordPress sites with the aim of improving performance and reducing average delays in page-load times. Delays in page-load times is often the cause of fewer page views among WordPress sites.

Optimized WordPress Cloud technology as provided by Hostgator is built with some outstanding level of management. A vital part of this management relates to the technology’s ability to regulate the usage of WordPress plugins. Certain WordPress plugins are known to have damaging effects on performance. Many experienced WordPress experts know the detrimental effect of untested plugins.

Unknown Hot Facts: Hostgator Optimized WordPress Cloud;

  • Duplicate Functionality Plugin Management: Hostgator Optimized WordPress Cloud is built with a mechanism that avoids the use of WordPress plugins that performs duplicate functionalities. The use of WordPress plugins with duplicate functionality can cause great harm to WordPress sites. Example of such harm includes downtime and performance issues. This technology, as it manages duplicate plugins issues has helped to improve the overall functionality of WordPress sites.
  • Managing Performance Issues: Hostgator Optimized WordPress Cloud is built with technologies that manages performance issues. This technology does this by making sure certain WordPress plugins which are known to bring performance issues are not allowed for installations. It is believed that certain plugins if found in a cloud environment may have detrimental effects on websites. As we all know, increased server load often results to slow websites. This can also result to frequent downtime.

More Tips on Unknown Hot Facts: Hostgator Optimized WordPress Cloud;

(i) High performance plugins can load and review large amounts of codes with every load it makes in seconds.

(ii) High performance plugins can cause excessive database access.

(iii) High performance plugins can cause poor database optimization which often result to database errors.

Hostgator Optimized WordPress Cloud technology is designed to actively keep track and prevent the installation of blacklisted plugins with known vulnerability issues. This has so far benefited WordPress users.

  • Unknown Hot Fact: Hostgator Optimized WordPress Cloud is designed by default to blacklist SPAM plugins: The ability of the technology to blacklist spam plugins has helped to ensure the best experience for WordPress. Spam plugins are known to have the ability to send script-like SPAM mails.Hostgator Optimized WordPress Cloud keep track of installed SPAM plugins.
  • Unknown Hot Facts: Hostgator Optimized WordPress Cloud is designed to Perform backups: This is viewed by many WordPress experts as an added security advantage.  The Optimized WordPress cloud technology has the ability to perform daily backups on entire website. Backups it makes are stored to safe locations. This is to ensure data is always available when needed.
  • Unknown Hot Facts: Hostgator Optimized WordPress Cloud takes security of websites very seriously: Everyone knows what Malware can do to a website’s reputation. Hostgator Optimized WordPress Cloud comes with Site Lock which provides advanced website security and daily vulnerability scans. Further extras on this advanced security technology involves a Web App Firewall with a Global CDN that helps to deliver website content more faster and securely. Through Sitelock scans, malware from third parties are automatically detected and removed.

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