This category aims at sharing knowledge relating to Geospatial Technology which is becoming “big business” across the world. As you’re aware, it isn’t just data, but data that can be located, tracked, patterned, and modelled.

Geospatial Technology is a fast-emerging field of study that includes Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and Global Positioning System (GPS). The technology enables us to acquire data that is referenced to the earth and use it for analysis, modelling, simulations and visualization.

This category is 100% Geo-focused and as a mapping related blog, our content covers a broader scope in the geospatial field.  

Here is what makes us Different as a GIS Blog:

  • We produce reliable content for visitors making geospatial inquiries on the internet. Our team of geospatial enthusiast strive day-in-day-out to create compelling content for organizations and individuals.
  • HagePlex provides a medium that allows geospatial industry stakeholders to connect through our articles, videos, guest blogs, business listings and geo-events. 
  • Our blog content provides you with the latest technology trends and dynamics of the industry through comprehensive articles that reveal different case studies.
  • Our team strives to give you the insight not just into Geospatial software but applications and business trends in the industry.
  • We produce articles on the usability of geospatial technologies to a global audience.
  • As a global geospatial blog, we are exposed to tons of facts about the industry.
  • This category offers the right platform to reach out to a broad GIS audience.
  • From a Technical GIS view, we offer plenty of code examples, geospatial software reviews, technical articles, and spatial analysis.
  • Finally, our team cover topics that expose readers to the use of open source and proprietary tools.

In conclusion, reading HagePlex GIS Blog is great for learning about “what’s next” in the area of Geospatial Technology.


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