Nigerian GIS: 9 Ways the technology affects the everyday Life


The Nigerian GIS affects the ordinary citizen in numerous positive ways. No matter who you are and what you do, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) affects you in 9 Ways ways you probably don’t realize. Without further ado, lets begin.

(1) Your alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m, you get up and turn on the lights

This is the Nigerian GIS Context: Your clock radio and lights are powered with household electricity. Electric utility companies serving millions of customers use GIS to manage their complex infrastructure, which consists of transmission and distribution lines and utility poles.

(2) You make a pot of coffee

This is the Nigerian GIS Context: The water the coffee is made with is provided by a water utility company. The utility uses GIS for customer service, emergency response, water distribution, infrastructure maintenance, automated mapping, network tracing, flow analysis, and other aspects of engineering, operations, administration, and finance.

(3) You stop at the gas station on your way to work

The Nigerian GIS Context: Oil companies use GIS for exploration, operation and maintenance, production, land lease management, and data management. Before the oil becomes gasoline, pipelines move it from the oil fields to the processing plant. The pipeline industry uses GIS for route planning and construction, operations, and supply market analysis.

(4) You drive to work.

The Nigerian GIS Context: The community uses GIS for managing its transportation infrastructure. More than 80 percent of the information used to manage road, rail, and port facilities has a geographic component.

(5) It’s the day before a holiday weekend. You leave at noon and go to the beach.

The Nigerian GIS Context: GIS is used to help manage coastal resources, including shoreline, aquatic, and terrestrial habitats and biological resources, and the distribution of threatened and endangered species.

(6) You enjoy a Picnic lunch.

The Nigerian GIS Context: A GIS can produce maps that show farmers how to treat a given field, allowing for precise applications of fertilizer that produce optimal crop yields while protecting the environment.

(7) On the way home, you stop at a video store.

The Nigerian GIS Context: The store is at that particular location because GIS helped define the right store mix for the location’s potential customers. GIS integrates strategic sales volume models and demographic data to help businesses find suitable sites.

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