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Convesio is among the best WordPress hosting provider for 2022. What is Convesio exactly? Convesio, a managed WordPress hosting provider that caters to agencies, offers next-generation WordPress hosting services.

In the second part of this article, HagePlex will talk about managed WordPress hosting with Convesio. However, Covesio remains the only such web host in the vast universe of web hosting.

It offers unique features that make it stand out from its competitors. These include automatic updates, fast and reliable service, and domain registration free of charge with every plan purchased (regardless of how many domains).

The trust is, Convesio is on a mission to change people’s perception of managed WordPress hosts.

This tool, which is unique, provides high availability features and scalable infrastructure. It is the best solution to managing or growing your online site.

Convesio High Availability WordPress Hosting Powered by Docker Containers.
Convesio High Availability WordPress Hosting Powered by Docker Containers.

Convesio offers managed WordPress hosting at an affordable price. It has a top-of-the-range software stack and is a great choice for those who need complete control. Convesio is the best managed WordPress hosting service if you value reliability, performance, and security.

Why Convesio managed WordPress hosting?

This Technology’s WordPress hosting allows you to take care of all technical aspects of WordPress. Convesio hosting provides high security and speed to your website. It also offers WordPress updates, daily backups and website uptime. This type of hosting is efficient and will ensure that your website runs smoothly.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the best WordPress hosting provider. It can be difficult to choose the right one, so we’ll help you find the best.

Convesio is a top-rated WordPress hosting company, standing out in a competitive market. It has great hosting plans and low prices.

It offers self-healing and auto-scaling features that are not available on other popular hosting sites.

Many WordPress users agree that Convesio is a top hosting technology that ensures that hosting is fast, secure and scalable. Convesio makes it easy to deploy WordPress sites with load balancers and a cluster of databases.

Convesio was founded by Tom Fanelli in 2018. Tom Fanelli has over 20 years of experience in working with Fortune 500 companies. He describes it as the best WordPress hosting.

He focused on a custom-built website, which lacked cPanel as well as other cutting-edge server configuration tools and management tools.

The 2022 Benefits of Using the Best WordPress Hosting Convesio:

Convesio is a one-stop shop that offers all things WordPress. The interface is simple and allows users to create large-scale websites with self-healing and auto-scaling capabilities. Now, let’s look at Convesio’s features:

Unbeatable uptime:

Convesio uses load balancer containers to decrease traffic load. This means that its servers are never down. Your site is up almost every day, unlike other sites which can go down for several hours or minutes.

Database Cluster:

Put simply, a database cluster is a set of databases managed by a single database server which runs continuously. Did you know?… WordPress Convesio’s sites are powered by powerful MySQL servers. MySQL, an open-source relational database management software, allows multiple users to create and manage databases. This allows website requests to be processed quickly.

Automatic Scaling:

This technique allows for dynamically changing the number of servers (computing resources) within a server farm. A website that automatically scales to handle an unexpected spike in traffic would be a great relief. Convesio uses multiple containers to scale and descale your resources automatically. This saves you the expense of hiring a system administrator.

Application Monitoring:

Applications run smoothly by performing application performance monitoring (APM). APM allows developers to track application availability, bugs, resource use, and other factors that could negatively impact end-user experience. Convesio allows you to monitor the WordPress site at an application level. This means that any changes will need to be approved before they can be implemented.

Fast Caching:

Page caching can make dynamic content static and increase the speed of your WordPress site by up to 2-5 times. This is because the page’s content gets generated every time a visitor submits an inquiry. Convesio provides a server-level cache layer that can be used in many ways, as we will discuss below.


Restoring a web-hosted data base is one of the most dangerous and time-consuming tasks. Convesio’s self restoration data feature protects you against such dangers. It creates a backup of all your data and restores it if your website is down.

No-cost Migration:

Convesio offers a free migration service that allows you to move your website to Convesio from any other host. Convesio’s expert team can help you. The entire process takes less than 48 hours.

Automatic Backups:

Convesio makes it easy to back up, clone and restore websites. The backups are automatically performed by Convesio. However, the backups must be scheduled between every three hours and every fifteen days. The automatic backup system protects your online files by keeping them in a different place.


Convesio uses cutting-edge security features to help you monitor and scan for security threats. You can also edit code configurations and environment variables ahead of time to prevent malware and other threats.

Speed Optimized:

Convesio optimizes your site’s speed with features such as page caching and clustered database. HTTP/2 increases the speed of your website while conserving data bandwidth.


Convesio is a good choice if you are looking for transparent website hosting. You don’t have to sign any contracts, and you can move your website to any other hosting provider in just a few clicks.

Moneyback Guarantee:

Convesio web hosting company is the most reliable and cost-effective. You can get a one-month free trial, without having to provide credit card information. It’s also free to cancel your plan at any time.

24/7 Customer Service:

Convesio can assist you with any aspect of your website. With staff available 24/7, Convesio is there for you when you need them. This team is so confident in their leadership abilities and unbeatable solutions that they won’t let you worry about technical details.

Convesio WordPress Hosting: Advantages and Drawbacks

Convesio employs a team of international experts who are dedicated to providing exceptional service to customers.

Each hosting company has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s now take a look at some of the drawbacks and benefits offered by this WordPress hosting service.

Advantages of Convesio

  1. Convesio’s 100% uptime guarantees that your client’s site is always available, with no lost visitors.
  2. Because they have servers around the globe, they can ensure high-speed browsing and improved website performance across devices. It also improves the user experience.
  3. Docker Cloud, a cloud-based infrastructure, assists IT operations teams with deploying containerized apps in production. Convesio runs the application in a container using Docker. This uses very little resources and scales up quickly.
  4. Convesio offers a one-month free trial which allows you to host up to two websites. You may not be eligible for all the features.

Disadvantages of Convesio

  1. Convesio’s features and specifications are a bit more expensive than its competitors.
  2. Convesio hosting plans restrict performance by only allowing one WordPress website to host.
  3. You may experience performance problems due to the Foundation plan. The increased container count didn’t seem much to make any difference.
  4. Cloudconvert can sometimes alter the file if you don’t have all your fonts loaded.

Convesio: How to Create a WordPress Managed website

Step 1: Create your first WordPress site

Visit Convesio to sign up and then “start your free trial.” It is a quick and easy process that does not require you to provide your credit card information.

  • Convesio’s dashboard will appear after you sign up.
  • Select “Set advanced options.
  • Select the latest PHP version, location, type of database, WordPress version and webserver type.
  • Click on the “deploy” button The process can take up 5 minutes
  • You can click on “manage”, and you will see the options – (a) site dashboard (b) log in to wp-admin, (c) visit the site, (d) set the site name, and (e) delete the site.”

Step 2 – Add your domain, SSL and caching

The second step will show you the traffic overview, disk usage details and page speed score. To point a particular domain to Convesio, you will need IP address details.

Convesio doesn’t offer domain registration. You will need to buy one from a company such as Namecheap or Godaddy.

You can manage a lot of technical details with all the features that are available. If a function or option you need is not listed, contact our support team immediately. They’re happy to help!

How to Setup Auto-Scaling In Convesio

In less than 5 minutes, you can set up Convesio auto-scaling. Let’s walk you through!

Choose the best plan

Convesio’s latest update now includes support for multiple environments and databases. This is especially useful if your configuration relies on one technology. While all plans offer scale, it is important to choose the one that best suits your site’s needs.

Set up Auto-Scaling

Convesio Dashboard allows you to enable auto-scaling with just one click. You can also adjust the Auto Scaling Expandability range — min and maximum containers — depending on your requirements.

Section WordPress Containers

You can view a complete list of active containers on the WordPress Scale Service dashboard. You can also view a listing of all active containers on the overview page.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Any article can be tested on any device with a featured photo or 140KB. This test scores an average of 99, which is an excellent result.

CDN Performance Test

You can use the CDN Performance Test to evaluate your performance in each area. It determines which locations are performing best and worst over time. The global average for all locations is also calculated.

Check the performance of your website

Convesio uses Docker container to test the performance of a website under high traffic. One user tested the website with one container, while another test used ten containers. The ideal response time for load tests is over 100 ms per request, regardless of how many requests are made (RPS).

Pricing Information for Convesio

Convesio has one of the most competitive pricing strategies in the industry.

A website can be created for free using 512MB storage space and 1 virtual CPU processing power.

The monthly entry-level level can handle as many as 10,000 visitors per month for $15.

The most expensive package costs $25 and can handle more than 25k visits per month.

Convesio also offers a $50 per month plan for those who need more resources.

Hosting provider offers 2GB storage and four virtual CPUs with 16 PHP workers. This will allow you to fulfill all your website’s needs.

Four Types of Convesio Plans

Convesio has four pricing options. All of them include the essential support package.

  • The Foundation Plan is recommended for smaller websites.
  • The Growth Plan is recommended for websites with high traffic.
  • The Performance Plan can be used for eCommerce stores.
  • Use the Agency Plan to create an agency.

Customer Reviews

Convesio has received praise from users and industry experts.

They compare different plans and feature in different price brackets to find the best plan. The 30-day trial is free and people are more interested in starting their own business.

Convesio’s team of experts is well-known for their ability to work together and solve problems quickly. People are switching to Convesio because of its speed, reliability, scalability and ease-of-use.

FAQ Convesio WordPress Hosting

Which geographical location are Convesio’s servers?

Convesio’s clusters can be found in North America, Europe and Australia.

Is it possible for a website to be hosted in more than one container?

Yes. A website can run in multiple PHP Runtime containers. Each container can hold a set number of PHP Workers or virtual CPUs. Multiple containers are recommended for sites that require a lot processing power and have a lot visitors.

Does Convesio have cPanel?

Convesio is different from other web hosting companies because it doesn’t use traditional control panels.

Is Convesio is the best WordPress hosting company?

Convesio is the backbone of many companies that use WordPress. It offers next-generation features you won’t find with even the most well-known hosting providers.

It’s a well-known hosting company that offers a reliable, secure, and fast service. Their low-cost plans start at $50 per monthly and offer a great opportunity for beginners and newcomers to move up.

Containers and virtualization technology have made it less likely that your website will go offline because of hardware problems.

This means that you can trust this managed WordPress hosting provider over other providers who may not offer the same level protection against data loss or downtime.


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