10 Best and Most Reliable Canada WordPress Hosting – 2022


With so many options available on the market, choosing a web host for your blog or website can be a daunting task. If you want to use WordPress to create a company website or blog, it’s only natural that you’d like to go with a respected and competent web host.

The performance of your web hosting provider can have a significant impact on your WordPress website’s future success. You may be looking for a WordPress host that offers local data centres if you live in Canada or are targeting a Canadian audience. Getting a host with data centres in Canada will ensure that your Canadian visitors get the best possible speeds.

We’ve gathered a list of Canada’s best WordPress hosting companies in this article. These hosts check all the boxes in terms of performance, service, and price while also tailored to Canadian tastes.

Before delving into our list of Hosting companies in Canada, let us first briefly discuss certain factors to consider when choosing a Canadian WordPress hosting service. By the end of this article, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to invest in a Canadian WordPress hosting plan.

Before choosing a WordPress hosting service from the list of the best WordPress hosting in Canada, the first thing to note is the difference between regular Hosting and Managed WordPress hosting.

What is Regular Hosting?

Regular Hosting grants you access to a control panel that allows you to install one of different CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress on your website. If you purchase a regular hosting service and use WordPress as your CMS, you will manage the installation and upgrades yourself.

Also, with WordPress powering over 27% of all websites, most web hosting includes WordPress 1-click installers by default.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

A Managed WordPress Hosting is a dedicated hosting that provides you with a site that comes pre-installed with WordPress and is on a server designed for WordPress sites. A perfect example is Convesio Hosting.

Popular plugins like Jetpack and WooCommerce may also come pre-installed in some cases. This form of hosting also handles WordPress upgrades for you, so you don’t have to. Now, to the list:

List of Fastest and Most Reliable WordPress Hosting in Canada:

  1. SiteGround
  2. HostPapa
  3. Bluehost
  4. Web Hosting Canada
  5. Hostinger
  6. GreenGeeks
  7. WP Engine
  8. HostUpon
  9. Dynamic Hosting
  10. Canadian Web Hosting

(1) SiteGround

Since 2003, SiteGround has provided managed WordPress hosting to over 2,6 million domains. Many people believe SiteGround to be the best premium WordPress hosting provider, with some of the best customer care in the market, fast loading speeds, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Although, the cheapest WordPress subscription only allows for roughly 10,000 monthly visitors, which may be a stumbling block if you already have a following and are migrating from a free blog or a shop hosted elsewhere to your site.

Pre-installed WordPress, automated upgrades, and access to the SiteGround Optimizer Plugin are all included with SiteGround. Unfortunately, all prices are in US dollars, there are no Canadian servers, and all customer support centres are in the United States.

You can also select one of six data centres located across four continents (the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia) nearest your clients. Because SiteGround’s data centre in Council Bluffs, Iowa, is close to Canada, you won’t notice much of a difference.

SiteGround Key Features:

For the cheapest package available, you get these features:

  1. Automated WordPress installation and updates
  2. Recommended by WordPress.org
  3. All Levels of Caching + WordPress Optimiser Plugin
  4. WordPress site migration is completely free
  5. Free Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up load time for visitors from different geographical locations
  6. One website
  7. 10GB of SSD space is available
  8. 99.99% Uptime]
  9. 10,000 monthly visits
  10. 24/7 customer support
  11. Free SSL certificate
  12. Unlimited databases
  13. The data centre is located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, near the Canadian border.


SiteGround Plans
SiteGround Plans

(2) HostPapa

This is a Canadian hosting company, and they provide one of the most adaptable plans on the market. HostPapa offers much too much value to be overlooked. We recommend it to our Canadian clients since it is simply Canada’s best WordPress hosting service.

HostPapa also excels in terms of uptime and site performance and provides live chat help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because HostPapa isn’t generally a cheap hosting service, you won’t have to wait for long periods as you would with other inexpensive hosting services.

It’s HostPapa’s WordPress-specific features that earn them a top spot on this list of the best WordPress hosting in Canada. WordPress and Jetpack, as well as a unique caching technology, are pre-installed. HostPapa also handles automatic upgrades and provides multilingual assistance from WordPress experts.

HostPapa Key Features:

For the cheapest package available, you get these features:

  1. One Website
  2. Free domain registration
  3. Free SSL certificate
  4. 99.97% Uptime
  5. Unmetered bandwidth
  6. 100 email addresses
  7. 100GB SSD storage
  8. Website Builder (Starter)
  9. Company based in Canada
  10. Priced in CAD
  11. Servers are in Canada
  12. Customer service in Canada.
  13. 24/7 customer support


HostPapa Plans
HostPapa Plans

(3) Bluehost

Bluehost is a prominent web hosting service, and even WordPress.org recommends it. For anyone wishing to establish a small blog or a small business, Bluehost is the best and cheapest option.

It is not the quickest, most reliable, or cheapest hosting option available, but it is the most popular. Bluehost offers a mixed bag of goodies for Canadians. Although you can pay in Canadian dollars, Bluehost does not have any servers or customer support centres in Canada.

On purchase, you’ll get WordPress pre-installed and access to 50 custom WordPress themes, allowing you to get started with building your site right away. Bluehost will also handle all WordPress updates for you automatically.

Bluehost Key Features:

For the cheapest package available, you get these features:

  1. Priced in CAD
  2. Free SSL certificate
  3. One website
  4. 50GB SSD storage
  5. 24/7 customer support
  6. Free Content Delivery Network (CDN) included
  7. Pre-installed WordPress
  8. 99.9% uptime]
  9. 50 Custom Themes
  10. Drag-and-drop WordPress website builder
  11. Free domain


Bluehost plans
Bluehost plans

(4) Web Hosting Canada

Web Hosting Canada is a 100% Canadian hosting provider regarding HQ location, data centres, support, and currency. Since its establishment in 2003, they have powered over 100,000 websites. WHC is renowned for its dependability, with data centres on both the West and East coasts, and is one of the best local WordPress hosting options in Canada.

Alongside hosting plans and domain names, WHC also offers additional business services such as email marketing plans and SEO campaigns, all of which come with free trials. Customer service is multilingual and excellent, and you can contact them via live chat, email, or phone at any time.

Web Hosting Canada Key Features:

For the cheapest package available, you get these features:

  1. Company based in Canada
  2. Priced in CAD
  3. Servers are in Canada
  4. 1 WordPress Website
  5. 10GB Full-SSD Disk Space
  6. Up to 25,000 visitors/month
  7. Automatic updates
  8. 99.9% service uptime
  9. Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  10. Canadian customer service
  11. Pre-installed WordPress + plugin pack


Web Hosting Canada Plans
Web Hosting Canada Plans

(5) GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks was founded in 2007 and today hosts over 300,000 websites all around the world. They are among the few hosting services that use renewable energy to power their website, which distinguishes them. GreenGeeks is one of the most dependable hosting services on the market, with one-click WordPress installation.

In an ideal world, you’d choose a host that can provide the necessary security measures to prevent your website from being hacked or your data from being stolen. GreenGeeks offers several tools and services to protect your website, giving you peace of mind.

GreenGeeks has a data centre in Canada, so you can count on outstanding local hosting performance. They ensure that your site runs at peak performance owing to SSDs combined with LiteSpeed and their unique PowerCacher tool, as well as high-quality data centres all over the world.

GreenGeeks Key Features:

For the cheapest package available, you get these features:

  1. Data centres in Toronto, Canada
  2. Free SSL certificate
  3. Free website builder
  4. 99.9% service uptime
  5. Free website migration
  6. Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  7. 50GB web space
  8. 1-Click WordPress installer
  9. 24/7 Support
  10. Daily backups
  11. Unmetered transfer
  12. 50 e-mail accounts
  13. 300% green energy match
  14. Unlimited databases
  15. Free domain name for 1st year


GreenGeeks plans
GreenGeeks plans

(6) WP Engine

WP Engine is a WordPress-only site hosting service. Unlike WordPress-specific shared hosting, managed hosting providers are more expensive because they handle a lot more than just hosting your site. WP Engine’s whole server stack is built and optimised for WordPress, allowing them to quickly resolve any difficulties and provide their clients peace of mind that all significant WordPress updates will be handled on their behalf.

Although storage is limited to 10GB for the entry-level plan, it provides good performance for up to 25,000 visits.

WP Engine Key Features:

For the cheapest package available, you get these features:

  1. Data centres in Montreal, Canada
  2. Up to 25,000 visitors/month
  3. 10GB Disk Space
  4. Ten premium themes
  5. Free automated migration plugin
  6. Daily backups
  7. Free SSL and SSH
  8. Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  9. 50 GB Bandwidth/month
  10. Priced in CAD
  11. One website
  12. 99.95% service uptime
  13. Automated WordPress updates
  14. 24/7 customer support


WPEngine plans
WPEngine plans

(7) HostUpon

With a well-optimised data centre in Toronto, locally based sales and support staff, and a commitment to customer happiness, this web hosting service is one of the best in Canada. Individuals and organisations of all sizes can use HostUpon’s web hosting services. Its dedication to client service distinguishes HostUpon.

They have several WordPress-specific hosting plans available, all of which include some freebies such as free transfers from old hosts, unlimited disk space, a free domain name, and 24/7 customer service. HostUpon’s VPS hosting plans include unlimited premium bandwidth transfer, MySQL databases, email and FTP accounts, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

HostUpon Key Features:

For the cheapest package available, you get these features:

  1. Data centres in Toronto, Canada
  2. Free domain name
  3. Free website transfer
  4. 1-click WordPress installer
  5. 4/7 Canada support
  6. Imunify360 Security
  7. WordPress Optimized
  8. User-Friendly cPanel
  9. Ten email accounts
  10. Unlimited disk space & bandwidth
  11. One website
  12. 99.9% service uptime


HostUpon plans
HostUpon plans

(8) A2 Hosting

This hosting service is one of the best off-the-beaten-path hosting services you might not know about but should. Their speed is excellent; their uptime is consistent, their customer service is pleasant, their extensive security features, and their generous refund policy. They’re also environmentally responsible on top of it all.

Today, A2 Hosting, founded in 2001, hosts over a thousand websites. This may not appear to be much, but recently, the company has rapidly expanded. It’s because they’ve kept a low profile for so long, but their reputation has made them extremely popular and sought after.

A2 Hosting is one of the quickest website hosting companies available today. They prioritise speed in their features, reflected in their plan names (Lite, Swift, and Turbo). As you upgrade your plan, you’ll find that you’ll get additional power and features.

Swift is, in reality, at least two times more powerful than Lite. Their Turbo package, on the other hand, can be up to 20X quicker than their cheapest plan. If speed is a high priority for you when choosing a WordPress hosting company, A2 Hosting should be on your list.

A2 Hosting Key Features:

For the cheapest package available, you get these features:

  1. One website
  2. Unlimited transfer
  3. Free SSL
  4. 100GB SSD storage
  5. Free site transfer
  6. A2 Hosting site accelerator
  7. 99.9% service uptime
  8. Custom caching for optimal speed
  9. 24/7 support
  10. Choice of data centre
  11. Easy cPanel control panel


A2Hosting plans
A2Hosting plans

(9) Canadian Web Hosting

Candian Web Hosting, as its name implies, provides hosting services from its Canadian data centres in Vancouver and Toronto, ensuring that your website loads swiftly no matter where in Canada your visitors are. Few international hosts have data centres in Canada, so CWH offers that benefit – but I wanted to see if there were other reasons to choose it.

CWH provides shared hosting, shared cloud hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS (virtual private servers), and dedicated servers, among other services.

The various shared cloud hosting solutions were designed on a dependable cloud architecture and cost around three times what normal shared hosting would.

Canadian Web Hosting Key Features:

For the cheapest package available, you get these features:

  1. 100% service uptime guaranteed
  2. 24/7 support
  3. 10GB of backup space
  4. Free Backups
  5. Control panel and app-installer included
  6. Free setup
  7. Data centres in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada
  8. Unmetered monthly traffic
  9. Unlimited sub-domains
  10. Free website builder
  11. 60-Day money-back guarantee
  12. Free SSL certificate


Canadian Web Hosting plans
Canadian Web Hosting plans

(10) Cloudways

This managed hosting provider places a premium on speed and usability. Cloudways handles everything from server and application setup to ongoing server maintenance, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business. Cloudways is one of the few cloud-based managed WordPress hosting solutions that strike a decent combination of affordability and features.

Cloudways offers fully managed hosting, ensuring that your WordPress sites load quickly and that you don’t have to worry about WordPress hosting issues. Cloudways, unlike most other web hosting companies, allows you to build a website for free. Some glamour is lost due to the lack of functionality, such as domain registration and bundled email. However, this excellent cloud hosting service is worth considering.

They use other companies’ data centres and allow you to deploy and manage programs there. Their partners are Linode, Amazon AWS, Vultr, Digital Ocean, Stackpatch, and the Google Cloud Platform. Speed, though, will not be an issue because one of their partners has a server in Canada.

Cloudways Key Features:

For the cheapest package available, you get these features:

  1. Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  2. Dedicated Firewalls
  3. 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  4. Automated Backups
  5. Free SSL Certificate
  6. Free Migration
  7. SSH and SFTP Access
  8. Optimised With Advanced Caches
  9. 24/7 Support
  10. Auto Healing
  11. 99.99% service uptime


Cloudways plans
Cloudways plans


When you’re just getting started and want to build a website from the bottom up, there are a few key measures to take to ensure your success. To achieve that goal, you’ll need to be familiar with various aspects of Web Hosting.

When it comes to choosing a hosting service, many Canadians opt for a low-cost Canadian web host that does the job but isn’t too difficult to manage on their own.

However, to select the finest package for your business or organisation, there are a few aspects to examine and analyse.

Consider These Factors When Choosing the Best Hosting Packages

When evaluating the best hosting plans, there are a few things to consider.

Storage: When searching for a hosting plan, one of the first things you look for is the quantity of storage available. To make plans more affordable, most hosting companies limit the amount of storage you get. This is something you should keep an eye out for if you’re looking to develop a robust website.

Bandwidth Limit: The quantity of data your website can send to your users in a given length of time is referred to as bandwidth in website hosting. Similarly, having more bandwidth enables the simultaneous transfer of more website data. If you’re a big organisation with a significant following that you wish to migrate to your new website from another site or platform, this is crucial.

Uptime: The amount of time that a website or web service is available to users in a given period is known as website uptime. You should look for a high assurance, such as 99.95% or something close.

SSL Certificate: Many hosting companies now provide SSL certificates for free, keeping your site secure while improving your SEO score. On the other hand, others may put them up for sale, so keep an eye out.

Server Locations: Identifying where the hosting company’s servers are is critical, especially if most of your audience is in Canada. Choosing a company with server locations closest to your target audience ensures that they can quickly access your website.

User Reviews from Canada: The safest way to find out about a particular product is by reading reviews from users. For more information about the hosting provider you’re considering, look for reviews on respective sites.

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