The 10 Best WordPress Malware Removal Service – 2022


There are a number of malware removal plugins to choose from, and you want to choose the top of the line for your WordPress site. The plugin must be dependable and productive while also being cost-efficient.

We’ve researched and tested a number of plugins to compile a list of the top WordPress malware removal plugins so you don’t have to waste time deciding which one is ideal for your site.

One thing you do not want is for your WordPress site to become infected with malware. Malware has the potential to bring your site and business to a halt if you do not address it quickly.

Even big search engine heavyweights like Google can prevent you from appearing in search results. Also, your website can be marked as “unsafe.” Your website reputation even if you use an SEO optimised theme, and overall performance will suffer as a result of this.

Before you read through the list of malware removal plugins, it’s crucial to understand what malware is and how it might harm your website. Read our article on WordPress Malware Facts

Now, we’ll go over the top malware removal plugins.

  1. Sucuri

Sucuri is one of the most well-known website security companies in the world. Firewalls, backups, DDoS Protection, Malware Detection, Malware Removal, Blacklist Removal, and, yes, WordPress security are among the products and services they offer.

Sucuri offers a variety of website security options, the cost of which is mostly determined by the services you require. They will, at least, keep your WordPress website clear of malware while also giving some additional protection against harmful attacks, which can cripple websites and have an impact on uptime and income.

They also provide premium plans that include enhanced website security, performance optimization, and other features in addition to these fundamental services.

Your website loses traffic and sales as a result of constant security warnings. Sucuri sends blocklist removal requests on your behalf and assists you in restoring normalcy to your website.

It also includes a firewall that protects your website from future assaults and filters dangerous traffic. This security layer aids in the optimization of your website’s performance and speed.

Pricing: The basic package for one website costs $199.99 per year. Every 12 hours, it does virus and hacker scans.

2. WordFence

Wordfence is by far the most popular WordPress security plugin, and for a valid cause! The company offers a free version as well as a premium version that costs $99 per year.

The plugin has three main features:

Web Application Firewall recognizes and prevents malicious traffic. WordPress Firewall – Web Application Firewall identifies and blocks malicious traffic. WordFence’s staff built, maintains, and updates the plugin with an exclusive focus on WordPress security.

WordPress Malware scanner for core files, themes, and plugins checks for malware, bad URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirection, and code injections.

WordPress Security Tools – The plugin also includes live traffic monitoring, restrict login attempts, spam comment filter, IP address and user-agent filtering, email notifications, and monthly reports, among other security features.

Pricing: It’s free. A premium version of Wordfence with stronger protection features is also available for $99 per year.

3. MalCare

Thousands of developers and agencies use MalCare because it is the fastest malware detection and removal plugin available. Your website is clean before Google blocklists it or your web host pulls it down, thanks to an industry-first automatic one-click malware eradication. MalCare was built from the ground up after 2.5 years of analyzing over 240,000 websites.

Its clever scanning process never slows down your website and accurately detects the most complicated malware that is often missed by other security plugins.

The included robust cloud-based firewall assures round-the-clock website protection, while the one-click virus cleaning gives infinite automated cleanups. You can also ban nations to protect yourself from hacking attempts.

Pricing: Each annual subscription is $99 each year for one website. You can purchase their business or developer plans if you have many websites. The Business plan is $259 per year for up to five websites, while the Developer plan is $599 per year for up to twenty.

4. SecuPress Pro

One of the best security options for WordPress web admins is SucuPress, a new service. An all-in-one solution with an attractive user interface. It performs a security assessment and identifies dozens of security flaws in just a few minutes. The plugin will seek your permission to take action and repair issues as needed.

Pricing: It’s free to download and has premium-like malware screening features. For one website, the SecuPress Pro plan costs $69.99 per year. White-label options, PHP malware scan, warnings and notifications, sophisticated user protection, PDF reports, and two-factor authentication are among the other features.

5. Astra

Astra is a comprehensive security solution for WordPress web admins. The range of security services available is broad. A real-time web application firewall, on-demand machine learning-powered malware scanner, instant malware cleanup, community vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing are just a few of them (VAPT).

They also provide malware removal as part of their subscriptions).

Pricing: While updating this list, their starting package is €24 per month, and their business plan is €149 per month.

6. Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

Another well-known plugin for scanning a WordPress site is the Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall plugin. Its scanning functionality is excellent, and it allows you to examine only specified files, such as wp-content, themes, or plugins.

We can exclude a particular folder or file extension from the scan and it allows us to see malicious code found during a scan.

This plugin also includes the ability to remove harmful code automatically. However, we recommend that you manually remove discovered code from files because it occasionally leaves PHP tags, which might cause the site to malfunction.

Pricing: Free

7. AntiVirus

The AntiVirus plugin is another solid option for WordPress security plugins. This plugin is ideal for bolstering your protection against spam, exploits, and malware.

It offers an easy-to-use interface that allows you to schedule daily scans for the plugin. If the plugin detects anything suspicious or dangerous, it will send a security alert to your email address.

It is also a WordPress Security plugin, as it will assist you in protecting against hacker attempts. If your website is hacked, it will tell you promptly to take appropriate action.

The plugin is available in two languages: English and German, and this plugin has a plethora of features that make it an excellent pick.

Pricing: Free

8. Titan Anti-spam & Security

This plugin provides an all-in-one solution for protecting your WordPress website and scanning for malicious files.

The user interface is simple. A wizard walks you through the configuration procedure when installing the plugin initially. The plugin will audit your site, check it for malware, and suggest a few “tweaks” to improve security.

Though Titan offers a free edition, it’s essential mentioning that the majority of the fascinating features are only available in the paid version.

Pricing: A premium license will cost you at least $55 per year.

9. Defender Security

The Defender Pro plugin, created by WPMUDEV, may be found in the WordPress repository and provides scanning, firewall protection, login security, and audit logging. On the other hand, Defender Pro requires a download from the WPMUDEV website and includes extra functions such as restoration and repair and manual cleanup services.

Pricing: Starts at $60 a year

10. Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan

WP Cerber is a one-stop shop for protecting, monitoring, and securing a WordPress installation.

One of the most outstanding malware scanners is included in the plugin, which provides software to monitor file changes, verify the integrity of WordPress, plugins, and themes, and delete harmful code and viruses from your website.

Once installed, you have the option of performing a Quick Scan or a Full Scan. All files with executable extensions are examined for viruses during the Quick Scan. All files (including media) are examined for dangerous payloads during the Full Scan.

Pricing: Starts at $29 quarterly for the single plan.


Hackers frequently target WordPress sites since the returns are more significant.

One of the most important things you can do to prevent your website from future infections is to change all of the password login information for all of your website’s accounts. This involves not only the login information for your website’s administrative section but also the login information for your hosting provider and database.

We hope that we have helped you make an informed decision about which WordPress virus removal plugin is appropriate for your site. Depending on your specific requirements, one of these plugins will undoubtedly meet them.

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