20 Best Edutech Companies In Nigeria – 2021 Findings

20 Best Edutech Companies In Nigeria

The educational sector is one of the most important sectors in any nation. This is because it gives value to other facets that make the economy. Over the years, there has been a crucial shift as to how countries administer education and learning with the technological advancement in the 21st century. However, integrating technology in Nigeria education has achieved a lot in a short time. It has addressed major challenges in the sector with the aid of technology.

in view of this, we can deduce without reservation that only technology can accelerate access to quality education in Nigeria. Students and teachers are no longer restricted to the four walls of the classroom for learning and teaching to take place. But now go online and off-campus. Hence, solving access and capacity issues in the sector.

Without further equivocation, let us shoot straight to the business of this article. Which is providing with you the best Edutech Companies In Nigeria from research.

20 Best Edutech Companies In Nigeria

1. uLesson Education:

In Jos, 2006, Sim Shagaya, the former CEO of Konga, founded uLesson. The aim is to provide flexible and interactive tests that help students acquaint themselves with concepts intimately. Above all, it suggests lessons, prompting practice sessions, and working closely with students to attain the kind of growth that changes lives both in and out of the classroom. Ulesson founded by sim shagaya has raised $ 3.1 million led by TLcom Capital last year.

2. Gradely Ng:

Is an edutech company in Nigeria that helps schools and parents deliver a personalized learning experience for K-12 students in Nigeria. It uses analytics and data-driven recommendations to help schools and parents intervene in real-time to children’s learning gaps through weekly adaptive homework tests. Founded in 2019 by Boye Oshinaga, and et al.

3. Prepclass:

This edutech company focuses on connecting potential learners with skilled tutors. In subjects ranging from English language and grammar structuring to phonetics, sounds, and pronunciation. Olumide Ogunlana and Chukwuwezam Obanor are founders of Prepclass in the year 2013.

4. Pass.ng:

A web and mobile edutech company in Nigeria that helps students in Nigeria, to practice and prepare for indigenous examinations such as NECO, NABTEB, and even WAEC.By suggestive coaching and adaptive testing. Founded in 2012 as Jamb-cbt.com. It won the West Africa Mobile Awards in 2016. The founders include Imole Oluyemi, the late Samson Abioye, and Adebagbo Joshua.

5. Tuteria:

Help you find, evaluate, and book lessons with qualified private tutors close to you for whatever you wish to learn. Tuteria gives clients a total experience by providing quality tutors, making sure that compromised safety is not an option. Hence offers secure payments. It was co-founded in 2015, Godwin Benson and Abiola Oyeniyi, co-founded Tuteria.

6. SchorlarX:

Education financial technology company that creates equitable access to quality education for students in Africa. It provides financial supports in education by helping students access scholarships. Maxwell Ogunfuyi, Abayomi Johnson, and Bola Lawal founded SchorlarX in February 2016. The edutech company raised US$100,000 in 2019.

7. Splatt AI (Splatt.ng):

Splatt AI(artificial intelligence) is all about moving you from being unprepared for a quiz or finals to being 100% ready for it and getting better grades in the shortest possible time. The edutech company provides the tools and the coaching you need to overcome your next test or finals, plus, it’s incredibly good and flexible. founded by Seunla Osinowo.

8. Passnownow.com:

An interactive website that supports learning by providing curriculum-based test preparation materials to users at a very little charge. It created a website that contains class notes and exam past questions using the current school curriculum. Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji founded Passnownow in 2012.

9. 9ijakids:

Today’s kids are digital natives and would stay on a tab for 24 hours if given the opportunity. With consistent advancements in tech, they can practically operate any device without the help of an adult. While we cannot take this away from them, we can make it a learning platform for them. This is what 9ijakids is all about. With over 200 fun learning games on all subjects, kids can have fun learning mathematics, English, and science while having fun doing that.

10. SabiTeach:

An Edutech platform that provides students with quality teachers for both online and one-on-one learning engagements. The platform gives parents or learners the room to themselves search and locate teachers/tutors in their chosen location, also see reviews or ratings that help them make wise decisions on the choice of tutor. started in 2018 by Wale Ogunjobi.

11. Roducate:

Nigeria’s First Indigenous e-Learning Platform.Roducate, offers educational content from the Primary to tertiary level. The platform covers all important subjects with a government-approved curriculum. femisola awosike, CEO.

12. SchoolGate:

Looking for affordable audio-visual educational content for your kids this lockdown, SchoolGate can as well be your point of call. From Basic programming to STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). Schoolgate offers quality learning services for as low as 500 Naira per term.

13. SuccessTAB:

In need of an edutech tab to enable your child to learn comfortably from home during this lockdown, the Successtab is up for the rescue. It is specially built to deliver online learning and contains volumes of pre-installed educational content.

14. Primal Tutor:

A tutoring hub with a mission to deliver knowledge to users at affordable rates. Primal tutor is a platform where thousands of people can search for the best-fit private home teachers for their children across all subjects in the nursery, primary, and secondary schools in Nigeria. Wale Ogunjobi, is the founder/CEO of primal tutor. office at Plot 20, MKO Cresent, 100271, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

15. EduRecords:

Its a cloud and mobile education platform that focuses on raw education data collection for data science purposes. Edurecords provides real-time/insightful reports including projections, learning paths, and suggestions on how best a child’s academic performance could be improved to their parents and educators.

16. Braniacs:

Are interested in teaching STEM(science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and robotic skills of the future to children and young adults. Some of the modules they offer include Robotics, Game design, Computer Programming & Apps development, and Basic Electronics. Braniacs offer flexible packages for schools, individuals, and groups. Brainiacs is an end to end technology solution provider.

17. Edusko:

This edutech company links parents and students with good and cheap schools in Nigeria, Ghana, and beyond. On this platform, people can compare available schools with ease and make informed decisions despite their busy schedules. Parents also have access to school fee discounts offered by the listed schools from time to time on Edusko.

18. ProTeach:

The EduTech startup is an online marketplace for tutors. It enables parents and learners to find the best tutors that’ll help them achieve their learning goals. Aimed at redefining education and learning in Nigeria. ProTeach brings expert tutors to learners and offers a personal and friendly private home tutoring service in Nigeria. Obasolape Abiola, CEO proteach.

19. kotivu.ng:

This is a social impact educational software located in Lagos. it features the best corporate training course in a modern LMS(learning management system) design. Kotivu exists to provide affordable and innovative technology-based ideas, education, and support to individuals, corporations, and institutions (university and government agencies) in Nigeria and across West Africa. founded in 2015.

20. FlexiSAF Edusoft:

FlexiSAF is a data management and processing solution for primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions. The platform helps users to automate the compilation of results and deliver them to parents, online admission registration, fee payments, and tracking, instant transcript processing, etc. In a summary, FlexiSAF aims to leverage its data-driven solutions to improve service delivery in the educational sector.


Edutech in Nigeria is a plus to the education system as they have been able to tackle these key issues facing the system. Such as access and capacity, infrastructure, and human resource deficit in the system. Thus, we encouragstudents and teachers to take advantage of these great edutech platforms listed above, so as to explore their benefits in terms of learning and teaching. To conclude with, author and educator, George couros puts it, “technology can never replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational”. Do we to read other interesting Tech Articles on HagePlex.

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