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Your Invitation To Attend A Digital Marketing Masterclass For Top Executives


Still wondering if this is really for you? Or perhaps you feel, top executives, CEOs and business owners like yourself don’t really need a strong digital marketing knowledge since they can easily pay a professional to deal with that? Well, look no further than recent trends in commerce and everyday life.

Today’s tech-savvy customers will rather shop, transact and socialize online when they need something. The reality is that, if your business or organization is not active online, it is as good as not existing. Recent studies revealed that COVID-19 has accelerated e-commerce growth four to six years in a matter of months. So, it is not enough to have a website or social media account, you need to become that “digital boss” that can make SMART decisions and predictions based on insights drawn from crucial data that guides a company in the right direction.

In the light of these realities and driven by the desire to arm top business executives with necessary business skill to thrive and survive in a digital age. Hageplex Technologies has designed this Digital Marketing Masterclass for Top Executives to introduce participants to a variety of foundational concepts and technologies that are central to creating and launching an effective digital strategy.


The Effective Digital Boss: Being In-Charge Of Your Digital Presence


Date and Time:
Wed, 8th September, 2022 (Online Via Zoom) 9 am – 1 pm


  • Core digital marketing concepts to create a digital marketing strategy
  • How to SMART goals for your digital marketing strategy and understand your role in their success
  • The importance of choosing and measuring actionable metrics, not vanity metrics that just feel good
  • Build brand awareness with LinkedIn pages that your employees can follow & help promote; see examples
  • The right metrics for your digital marketing will get people taking the right action to make progress
  • How to run coaching and interview webinars to drive YouTube audience growth

If you wish to be a participant at this Summit, Please Call our planning committee on +234 706 815 6255 or send an email to to confirm your participation so that we can begin arrangements to ensure your smooth participation. We wish to request you also send your profile highlighting your contributions and achievements to assist the Planning Committee.

We look forward to receiving your confirmation of attendance soon.

Become The Digital Boss

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Henry Unabor

Henry Unabor

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